Romantic Instant Messages: How “IMing” can save your relationship

July 24th, 2007

It’s a no-brainer to say that good communication is vital to any successful romantic relationship or marriage. Getting to know the thoughts and passions of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband can be a lifelong process that improves your romance as you become closer and more comfortable with each other.  And while the spoken word is rightly considered the most important form of communication that lovers can use to advance their relationship, the truth is that there are many other ways to communicate that you shouldn’t overlook.


The spoken word isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

It’s unfortunate but true that some people just aren’t comfortable with talking and take much longer to open up and connect with another individual if they have to do so with the spoken word.  Regardless of the underlying reason for someone’s inability to talk, when you or your sweetheart won’t join in a dialogue, it makes it much more difficult to foster trust, comfort and happiness.

If you and your sweetheart are having trouble communicating your feelings to each other through the spoken word, there’s nothing wrong with trying other romantic ideas to convey your thoughts and solving problems.  The spoken word simply isn’t the best form of communication for every couple.  Luckily, modern technology gives many new options for avoiding breakup or divorce to couples who haven’t found success with traditional conversation.

Is modern technology the answer to your relationship problems?

In addition to romantic text messages and romantic Emails, trying out instant messages, or IM, might be a great way for you and your lover to communicate thoughts and feelings that you haven’t yet had success with.  Instant Messaging is similar to communicating with someone via computer in an Internet chat room, but unlike a chat room your instant messages are sent back and forth between each other privately and cannot be seen by anyone else. 

Instant messaging may be the pefect way to improve communication in your relationship for several reasons.  If you and your sweetheart become easily frustrated with each other or offended because of body language or tone of voice, instant messaging will allow you to convey your thoughts without any visual or auditory baggage.

Additionally, it is much easier for some people to say what is on their mind via instant messaging rather than face-to-face.  The distance and security provided by instant messaging makes it much more comfortable for some people to speak their true feelings and explore problems that might be plaguing your relationship more deeply.

Start trying Instant Messaging today . . . it’s easy! 

If you and your lover ae having a difficult time communication face-to-face, a weekly Instant Message session may be exactly what you need to resolve underlying probems and add more romance to your relaionship.  If you’d like to give it a try, I reccommend signing up for Windows Live Messenger, an IM service that my fiance and I use regularly.  It’s easy to install and start using right away.

Do you realy have anything to lose by trying out instant messaging to see if it can help your relationship?  You might be surprised at how much your communication improves by taking advantage of modern technology and using unconventonal methods to build your romance today! 


Romantic getaways: what’s yours?

July 20th, 2007

A few days ago on Romance Tracker we posted an article about visiting Hawaii, which is one of the most popular romantic vacations spots in the world.  And while a honeymoon or romantic getaway to someplace like the Hawaiian Islands would be great for your relationship or marriage, you shouldn’t ever lose sight of the fact that the amount of romance generated by a vacation has absolutely nothing to do with its price tag!   


Whether you have a million dollars to spend or an empty wallet, there are tons of ideas for romantic getaways that you and your sweetheart can take advantage of to spend a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days alone with each other.  Never let anyone else define what kind of romantic getaway should make you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband happy.  That’s up to you!

Remember: one couple’s nightmare destination could be another’s perfect romantic vacation idea.  Relationships are as varied and diverse as snowflakes, with dynamics, strengths and shared interests that are both unique and special.  Just because one couple’s idea of a great vacation is laying on a tropical beach doesn’t make your preference of camping or bowling or sitting together at home any less perfect.

In the end, the most important consideration in choosing your perfect romantic getaway . . . is you and your sweetheart’s own preferences! 

And if someone else doesn’t approve of how you and your significant other spend your time together, who cares?  Putting your relationship first—and not paying attention to what others think about your happiness—is part of adding some good old-fashioned romance to your life!     


Win a romantic present for your sweetheart on The Prize Blog

July 18th, 2007

Well, why not?  If you’re a regular reader of Romance Tracker, you know that our philosophy is that you can find romance in just about everything around you . . . and that includes winning prizes!  The Prize Blog was the second place winner of our Romantic Ideas Link Contest, and figuring out ways to make winning free stuff romantic isn’t hard to do.  Any gift can be made to be romantic . . . and The Prize Blog lets you keep track of new contests to win lots of stuff to share with your sweetheart every day.


In fact, let me give you an example.  On The Prize Blog’s front page today, they’re featuring a contest called the Atrium Miami Beach Sweepstakes.  By taking a couple of minutes to enter, you could win:

Grand Prize: (1) winner will get a D&G Sunflower Print Mini Dress $525, Monique Leshman Silk, Beaded Top $418, Tom Ford Andrea Sunglasses $360, Chie Mihara Ankle Wrap $305, Missoni Summer Bikini $165, 6 pairs of Hudson Jeans $1200. Approximate Retail Value (”ARV”) of prize: $2973

Now tell me you couldn’t think of a hundred different ways to use those great prizes to add some romance to your relationship!  And it doesn’t stop there, either.  Brian, The Prize Blog’s webmaster, features unique new contests every day, from sweepstakes to raffles to drawings to everything else you could imagine.  Bookmarking it and visiting it every day, like I do, isn’t just addicting . . . it could be very lucrative for you!

In fact, I’m going to enter Romance Tracker into a contest that’s running on The Prize Blog right now, with this post!  If you have a blog of your own, all you have to do to get 20 entries in the contest is post something similar to the following:

 ”Over at The Prize Blog, Brian is having an awesome 6-day blogging competition and is giving away cash prizes, MP3 players, blogroll back links, Bloggeries Blog Directory listings and complete site reviews. This is one of the best blog contests you will ever find!”

And you’re in!  Brian is giving a bunch of cool prizes away, and there’s a bunch of ways to win.  Go check it out!


Thanks to Romance Tracker readers for a great week!

July 16th, 2007

It’s been a really good week here at Romance Tracker, with two of our posts winning the top prize in some awesome writing contests and our traffic catapulting to its highest levels ever.  Here’s a quick recap of the writing contests we won this week:

Many thanks to everyone who visited Romance Tracker to read our articles and voted for us to win.  All of the money we earn here on Romance Tracker goes right back into advertising and development to make this a better romantic resource for you, our readers.  And if you have any ideas for articles you’d like to see in the future, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!   


Can you get more romantic than a vacation to Hawaii?

July 16th, 2007

Well I guess you could, but it would be tough!  We had a lot of blogs enter our Romantic Ideas Link Contest, and I was glad when the Hawaii vacation blog Go Visit Hawaii was randomly chosen as winner of the first prize.  It’s not hard to write a free review about a blog that posts on one of the most romantic vacation destinations in the word: beautiful Hawaii!


The gorgeous picture you see above may look like it was taken in Japan, but it’s actually the Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii, which was built to commemorate the first Japanese immigrants to arrive on the island.  The reason I chose that picture was to illustrate the fact that Go Visit Hawaii does’t just focus on the cliche beachfront images and posts that you would expect.  I’ve looked through their posts, and am impressed to see that they’re a one-stop-shop for everything to do with the island, from food to beaches to anything else you’d want to know about Hawaii!

Go Visit Hawaii is run by editor Sheila Beal, a frequent visitor to the islands who knows just about everything there is to know about the place.  She prides herself on giving her readers completely independent and honest reviews of everything about Hawaii, so you can always be sure to get the real story about the best—and the not-so-good—things to do on a vacation to the islands.

And even if you aren’t planning on visiting Hawaii for a while, Go Visit Hawaii is still a great blog to bookmark to learn all you can about the islands for the day when you finally do take that romantic vacation you’ve been dreaming of. And before you go, be sure to email Sheila to ask her any last-minute questions about planning your trip . . . she’s great about returning messages!

A romantic vacation to a place like Hawaii can do wonders to bring you and your significant other closer, and Go Visit Hawaii is the perfect site for anyone who wants to learn all about the islands.  Go check it out . . . and add a little Hawaiian romance to your life!


Romantic Ideas Link Contest winnners

July 16th, 2007

The Romantic Ideas Link Contest was a terrific success and a lot of fun to put on, but all great things must come to an end!  We had lots of entrants, and every blogger who tossed their name in the hat got a free backlink from Romance Tracker.  Only four could win, though, and here are the randomly-chosen entrants who will be getting prizes. 

BLOGGER FIRST PRIZE ($110 value): Hawaii Vacations

  • A free review on the front page of Romance Tracker
  • A free link in our “featured sites” for one month
  • Your choice of any relationship book you want from our favorite books list

BLOGGER SECOND PRIZE ($90 value): The Prize Blog

  • A free review on the front page of Romance Tracker
  • A free link in our “featured sites” for one month

BLOGGER THIRD PRIZE ($30 value): ExPat Mom

  • A free link in our “featured sites” for one month

RSS SUBSCRIBER PRIZE ($20 value): Christine Senter

Thanks again to everyone who entered!  I’ll be contacting all of the winners via email to ask for their prize choices.  Links to your blogs will appear in our “featured sites” for one month and your reviews will be posted soon.  Congratulations!


Final batch of Romantic Ideas Link Contest entrants?

July 14th, 2007

Well, the last day to enter the Romantic Ideas Link Contest is Sunday, and unless we get any more entries before the deadline, this will be the last batch of blogs that are tossing their names into the hat:

I thought therefore I blog

ExPat Mom

60 in 3

Contestant Blog

The contest had more entrants than I thought it would, and I’m excited to find out who the winners will be.  As I said, the last day to enter in Sunday, and we’ll be announcing the winners here at Romance Tracker on Monday.  Good luck to everyone who entered!


A Romantic Group Research Project

July 12th, 2007

Romance Tracker’s post yesterday about Being a Romantic Dad was an entry into the second Group Research Project hosted by eMoms at Home, and I’m glad to see today that Wendy Piersall included it in the final batch of contest posts.   

About thirty bloggers submitted entries in the project, and there’s plenty of reading material there for web surfers who want to learn more about balancing work and family life, blogging and entrepreneurship.  As always, I’m reproducing the whole list below, and I hope the other bloggers in the project will do the same.  Have fun! 



Being a romantic dad: How to balance your work and home life

July 12th, 2007

If you’re a regular reader of Romance Tracker, you know that we think there’s nothing more romantic than a committed father who lives up to his responsibilities, plays a role in providing for his family, and contributes his share to the wonderful team that is a romantic relationship.  Your family and your significant other should always be the number one priority in your life, but part of being a good husband—and a good wife, as well—is making sure that you attend to your responsibilities as a provider, too. 


But in a world as hectic as ours, how does a father effectively balance a busy career with the home life, children and significant other that exist as his top priority?  Sometimes it can feel like a no-win situation; if you don’t pay enough attention to the advancement of your career, you’re providing a poor example for your children and robbing your family of financial stability.  But by concentrating too much on your work, you take yourself out of an equation that’s crucial to your entire family’s health and happiness . . . and put a serious strain on your romantic relationship, as well.

It may feel as though it’s impossible to balance your work and home life, but we’re surrounded by millions of examples of fathers who have succesfully built their careers while still providing their families with the attention and affection they deserve.  Remember: you’re never going to find the perfect balance, and problems are a natural—and sometimes healthy—part of every relationship.  But by following a few simple guidelines, you’ll make success much more likely when it comes to balancing your career and your family.


1. Let your family know they are more important than your work

You need to balance your responsibilities with paying enough attention to your family to let them know how important they are to you.  Your family may understand that work or other responsibilities keep you away from home longer than you would like, but do you make sure that they know how much you missed them when you were gone?


2. Call in sick every now and then to spend time with them

Millions of people skip work for an endless number of reasons every day, including plain old laziness. But if you’re a hard worker and deserve a little time off, taking some much-deserved time off to spend time with your family is a perfect way to recharge your batteries and show them how much they mean to you.


3. Take your relationship seriously . . . but take your job seriously, too

Like everything in life, it’s possible to assign too much weight to your romantic relationship or marriage . . . to the detriment of other important aspects of your life.  A healthy career is an essential ingredient in a successful family, and ignoring your job or being apathetic about your performance at work will affect your family life negatively, eventually.    


Blog Project Three List

July 9th, 2007

I love taking parting in blog writing projects, which are a great way to come up with original ideas for posts and to introduce you to other members of the blogosphere.  The Blog Project Three put on by Daily Blog Tips was no exception.  Romance Tracker entered the project with a post entitled 3 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Being in Love.


The Blog Project Three reveived 112 entries in all.  I’m reproducing the list of entrants below for my readers to check out themselves . . . and I suggest that everyone else on the list do the same on their blog to help reward everyone who took part.  Good job!